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Marianne Courtenay studied painting and design at the National Art School, Sydney but is best known as a printmaker. She also makes two and three dimensional assemblages and is now re-visiting painting. Marianne has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions for over 25 years including in Japan and the United Kingdom. Her work is held in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia, the Orange Regional Gallery and in other public, corporate and private collections in Australia as well as private collections in the UK, the United States, Japan and Europe.

Artist's Statement

The on-going preoccupation in my work is with our relationship to the natural world, the passage of time - how the face of the earth has changed over the eons and how the landscape still changes with time, the actions of man and nature, and the cycle of hours days and seasons - but also how we value and experience this.  What we remember and what we forget, what we 'see' and what we pass over without noticing - how things transform - what's ephemeral and what endures.  More recently I've been exploring the contrary attitudes we have towards the forest: on the one hand we see it as a lost Eden, the last remnant of an earlier, pristine world, and on the other as a savage and alien place full of mystery and danger.

The artist’s print suite Nine Views of Mt Canobolas continues my preoccupation with the passage of time - the great age of Australia and how it endures despite the enormous changes that it has undergone. Mt Canobolas is one of the main symbols of the Orange area in the Central West of New South Wales and I used the central mass of the mountain to convey this sense of continuity - while the land use and seasons change, the mountain remains constant and impassive. The use of a series of views of the mountain also draws oblique parallels, albeit ironic, with one of the great works of classical Japanese printmaking - Hokusai's Thirty-Six Views of Mt Fuji.

There are two versions of this work. The first was produced for the 150th anniversary of the City of Orange  -  the artist's proof is in the permanent collection of the Orange Regional Gallery. The second version, undertaken on commission for Printhie Wines - also in the Orange area, comprises two new works and a re-working of seven images from the earlier work. Printhie Wines holds the Artist's Proof.

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