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David currently lives and works at the River Bank Gallery in the main street of the small country town of Canowindra NSW Australia.

Born in Cowra in 1968. He was raised in Orange and studied with David B

Wilson at Charles Sturt University- Bathurst. David has lived and worked in Canowindra NSW the past nine years. David is best known for capturing light and colour in his streetscapes, still life and studies of the female form.

David is considered a tonalist painter but he is also strongly influenced by a uniquely Australian mark making tradition.

David's achievements include holding the position of Scone Judge at the

Canowindra Show 2009, 2010. Well at least he thinks this is an achievement.

When asked to describe the meaning of life in one sentence, Suzuki Roshi

said this:

'Life is like a beautiful ocean,

and our bodies are like sailboats,

and we go out sailing on the beautiful ocean,

and somewhere in the middle,

we sink.'

For me, the practice of painting has been a way of moving from the confining harbour of my established thoughts out into the open ocean of creative possibilities. My artistic journey has been a meandering exploration of the profound beauty I see in ordinary moments. Painting gives me a mechanism for communicating these experiences and at the same time sharpens my awareness of the now by allowing me to cultivate a contemplative state of mind.  Here are some paintings of the perceptions I had when I went sailing on the

beautiful ocean.

Website:    davidisbester.com

David Isbester