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Angela Naef

Artist Angela Naef has lived in Australia since moving here from the USA is 1980.  She lives in Orange NSW on a vineyard and winery property where her husband Gerald has established Patina Wines in the cool highlands.  Angie divides her time between her love of gardening and her art. Her other interests are traveling, wine and food appreciation.

Angie began drawing and painting at a young age with the encouragement of  her Grandmother who was an artist. She went on to major in Art at San Jose’ State University, before switching to Fashion Design and completing an Associates of Arts Degree. 

Angie enjoys working in acrylic, oil and watercolour.  She has traveled and painted in both Europe and America.  Her recent paintings reflect her passion for wine, fruit, and flowers, as well as the orchard and vineyard landscapes where she lives.

The vibrancy of Angie’s work is a combination of painting technique coupled with her love of colour. Her   technique of flooding the colours on one layer at a time, allows the paint to splatter, flow, and granulate in transparent layers. This gives a luminosity to pigment that is as interesting up close as it is from a distance.

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